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Welcome to my little corner of the web. This site is a compilation of my various hobbies and interests. Thanks for stopping by!


My Teddy Ruxpin site.

Cubey's Locker: A Robot Jones FanSite
Mini fan site and gallery for the show.

Electronics / Computers / Video Games

8mm Stuff
A list documenting my 8mm film collection.

 Video Game Wallpaper
 Colorful cover art for your desktop.

The Win 3.x Source
Windows 3.x programs, updates, drivers and more.


Discount Camping For The Disabled
State-by-state information about discounted camping for the disabled.


Message Boards
Forums for discussing a variety of subjects.

My Gallery
My digital photo albums of computers, my vehicles, travel, etc.

WWW Links
Websites I feel are worth linking to.