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Site founded:  2003-Dec-13
Last updated: 2011-Mar-02
Cubey's Locker: A Robot Jones FanSite


Welcome to one of the few "Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones" fan sites in existance!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the series, it's about a robot boy attending 8th grade junior high school (set in the early 1980's) and attempts to fit in with human society ("interface with humans" as Robot puts it).

The show was created by Greg Miller and aired on Cartoon Network from July 2002 to January 2004 when it was pulled off the air after a mere 2 seasons. It's a little-loved series by most Cartoon Network viewers unfortunately, which lead to it's quick downfall.

Site News

2011-Mar-02: Geeze... It's been nearly six years since I last updated the site. Well, I am still as much of a Robot Jones fan as I ever was. I created an R.J. avatar in Second Life recently which you can check out on the page I created for it. Also, I just found a shockwave game and I have added to the site for everyone to enjoy.

2005-May-04: Finally a real update!! I've had screenshots I took long ago but never took the time to put up. Now I finally have! Emjoy!!

If you have something to contribute, please do! Post it on the message board and I'll put it up. Thanks!

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