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Site founded:  2003-Dec-13
Last updated: 2011-Mar-02
Cubey's Locker - A Robot Jones FanSite

What can I say? I'm a huge 80's fan. How can I not like this series from the moment I first see it? Robot Jones is a surprisingly great series to come out of the Cartoon Network studios. If they could just get the hang of making more intelligent cartoons such as this, maybe I wouldn't look upon Cartoon Network as a channel for braindead idiots. (Cow & Chicken, Dexter's Lab after a season or two, Aqua Team Hunger Force.. do I really need to continue?)

Anyone who doesn't like this series must lack any sense of humor and taste. I mean, how can you not like a series about an adorable robot kid who's trying to fit into a human world? Hmmm.. I just had an insight about myself. I kind of feel like Robot Jones in some ways. But explaining that would be pretty hard, so I won't even try it. ;-) Now that I really think about it, I'm actually very much like Robot Jones. *laughs* No wonder I'm such a fan of the show!

But sadly, this great series has already been canceled (according to TV Tome). The jerks at Cartoon Network canned it after only 3 seasons. (Season 3 will air in 2004 CN seems to have decided not to show season 3..) Most likely because the humor isn't gross and disgusting and written by people with the IQ of an earthworm.

If you like the series, I suggest you go buy a 5 to 10 pack of blank VHS tapes and get busy recording the episodes before Cartoon Network yanks it. Without commercials, its possible to fit five episodes per 2-hour tape in SP (best quality) mode. Four episodes will fit with commercials.

It seems Cartoon Network has pulled the show completely from it's lineup, at least for now. :((

If you have something to contribute, please do! Post it on the message board and I'll put it up. Thanks!