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Discount Camping For The Disabled

National Park Service (Federal Parks & Land)

The U.S. National Park System (NPS), Corps of Engineers (CoE), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a few other Federally managed land agencies offer discounted ees for entrance, camping and other activities for patrons who are disabled if they meet the critera for receiving the discount.

The National Park Service has a FREE card they have dubbed "America the Beautiful" ("ATB") for the disabled. The former card for the disabled is known as "Golden Access Passport" which has been discontinued in favor of the new card, but Golden Access Cards are still accepted for as long as you have the card. If you lose it, you must get a new "ATB" card. The card provides a 50% discount on nearly all services available (camping, swimming, boat launching, etc). The card must be obtained in person at the nearest designated office that issues them.

Note: Corps of Engineers offices are not authorized to issue the ATB card as was the case with "Golden Access Passport" due to whatever forms of buracracy that came into play with the ATB card program. Now you must find a certain office that issues them. If in doubt where to go, call your nearest National or CoE park and ask where the nearest office issuing ATB cards for the disabled is relative to your location. I drove all the way out to the local CoE park where I got my "Golden Access" card because I thought I *had* to exchange it for an ATB one (mistake on my part for misunderstanding). Turns out they no longer can issue any pass cards at all anymore. All they can do is direct you elsewhere so save your gas, don't bother going to a CoE park to obtain a ATB card.

You must provide a letter from Social Security, a written note from your doctor or another source of proof of your disability. Most state park systems do NOT accept this card with the exception of a few which I will explain in the state information section to follow. You can find more in-depth information about this free card at the following address:

State Parks - Discounts Legend Map

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This map is a quick reference to the policies of each state park system for disabled discounts.
See below for more detailed information about policies.

State Parks - Policies by State

Alabama (Source:
  • All Senior Citizens and 100% Disabled 15% Discount except for holiday weekends.
  • Over 4 people per site the charge is $2.00 per person over 6 years old.
  • All Rates Subject To Change Without Notice.
  • All Rates Subject to 11% Lodging Tax.
Note: Some parks such as Blue Springs may have a deeper discount for seniors/disabled.

Alaska (Source: Note: There doesn't appear to be a generalized disabled discount for Alaska State Parks.

Arizona (Source: n/a)

Arizona State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Arkansas (Source:
    U.S. citizens with 100 percent total and permanent disability will be admitted to campgrounds at one-half the regular campsite fee throughout the year. Current written proof of 100 percent total and permanent disability is required. Document must specify "Permanent and Total Disability" or indicate an individual is "100 percent Disabled." For veterans, this should be a copy of the Awards letter (dated within the last two years) from the Veterans Administration Regional Office or an Arkansas license plate with the letters DV. For non veterans, a qualifying document would be a letter from a personal physician, Railroad Retirement or Civil Service (federal or state government) dated within the last two years stating "100 percent disabled" and/or "permanent and total disability."]

    The discount offered to senior citizens and disabled citizens does not apply to winter rates or Rent-A-Camp options.

    Arkansas State Parks does not accept the federal Golden Eagle Pass, Golden Age Passport or Golden Access Passport (nor "America The Beautiful" cards) for discounts.
Note: (none)

California (Source:
  • For permanently disabled persons a discount card may be purchased for $3.50 from the Lifeguard Headquarters Office/Vistior Center. The pass provides year-round 50% discount for use of all basic facilities (including parking and camping) in State-operated parks except Hearst San Simeon SHM and does not expire, however if you loose your pass you will be required to bring in all of your necessary documents and pay $3.50 to repurchase the pass. The discount does not apply to fees under $2.00 or supplementary fees, and cannot be used with any other discount/pass program.
  • Disabled Discount Pass Application:

  • For honorably discharged war veterans who are residents of California with a 50% or more service-connected disability or a service-connected disability rated at 100% for reasons of unemployability, or were held as prisoners of war by forces hostile to the United States. Entitles the bearer to free use of all State Park System facilities including camping and day use. It is not valid for supplemental fees.
  • Disabled Veteren/Prisoner of War Pass Application:
Note: You do not have to visit the office in person to obtain these cards. You may print out the application and mail it in along with a COPY of your proof of eligibility. The mailing address where to send it is on the application.

Colorado (Source:
  • The Columbine Pass ($12.50) offers a discounted pass for disabled Colorado residents that is transferable between vehicles. The Columbine pass is available by application only with proof of eligibility.
  • More info:

  • Colorado residents with current Disabled Veterans license plates may access Colorado State Parks free without a pass on the windshield. These plates are obtained through the Division of Motor Vehicles. The law for individuals with Disabled Veterans license plates provides free entrance to state parks and does not provide special camping rates.
Note: Colorado State Parks do not appear to have a disabled discount for out-of-state residents.

Connecticut (Source: n/a)

Connecticut State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Delaware (Source:
  • Golden Access Passports are issued by the Department of the Interior. Passports are available to citizens or permanent residents of the United States who have been medically determined to be blind or permanently disabled and, as a result, are eligible to receive benefits under federal law. Delaware residents who hold a Golden Access Passport will be exempted from seasonal or daily entrance fees to Delaware State Parks.
  • The policy for family camping, effective January 1, 2003 for all campgrounds is as follows: Delaware Residents with a Golden Access Passport will receive a 20% discount from normal camping rates. Passport holders who are not Delaware residents will receive a 10% discount.
  • In Delaware, the Golden Access Passport can be obtained at Bellevue, Killens Pond, and Cape Henlopen State Parks, as well as at Bombay Hook and Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuges.
Note: In other words, DE state parks accept NPS passes as proof. For out-of-state resident patrons, there is a discounted rate for entrance and camping. For in-state resident patrons there is FREE entrance and discounted camping.

Florida (Source:
  • Must be a Florida resident to receive a 50% disabled discount. NPS-issued "America The Beautiful" (Formally "Golden Access") pass accepted as proof of being disabled.
Note: Florida State Parks do not appear to have a disabled discount for out-of-state residents.

Georgia (Source:
  • Disabled veterans who are Georgia residents and present a Certificate of Eligibility from their Veterans Benefits Coordinator are entitled to a 25% discount on Annual ParkPasses, lodge rooms, campsites, cottages, mini-golf, golf fees, swimming pools and historic site admission.
  • Please call 1-800-864-7275 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.
Note: Georgia State Parks do not appear to have a disabled discount for non-veteran/out-of-state residents.

Idaho (Source:
  • Limited Income Pass (For non-disabled) - Idaho residents showing proof of limited income (Medicaid card) or who sign a limited income form, will receive a discount of $4 on camping.

  • Disabled Veterans Pass - Idaho resident veterans who have a 100% service-related disability receive the following: The basic fee for a campsite in which the veteran is camping will be waived and a free Day Use Motor Vehicle Entrance to our parks.
  • More info:
Note: Idaho State Parks do not appear to have a disabled discount for non-veteran/out-of-state residents.

Illinois (Source:
  • Illinois only has discounts for in-state residents and are very strict on who can receive discounts and where they can be used. Visit "source" link above for more info.
Note: Illinois State Parks do not appear to have a disabled discount for out-of-state residents.

Indiana (Source:
  • Golden Hoosier Passport - $18.00 annually
  • For Indiana residents who are at least 65 years of age or a resident eligible for Social Security disability payments under 42 U.S. C. 401 (proof of eligibility must be presented at time of purchase and disabled individual must be present in the vehicle at time of use); admits noncommercial vehicle, driver, and passengers. Good from January 1 until December 31 of the year issued. Price is 1/2 the Resident Annual Entrance Permit. May now be used at Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center for up to 5 people per pass per visit.
Note: Indiana State Parks do not appear to have a disabled discount for out-of-state residents.

Iowa (Source: n/a)

Iowa State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Kansas (Source:
  • Kansas resident seniors (65 and older) and disabled individuals can purchase motor vehicle permits at one-half of the regular price in effect at the time of purchase as long as the vehicle is registered in their name. If purchasing a second vehicle permit, the vehicle registration must be in the same name as the first purchase.
  • A daily or annual motor vehicle permit is required for all vehicles entering a Kansas State Park. All daily vehicle permits expire at noon the day following purchase except Sundays, Memorial, Independence and Labor days when they expire at 2:00 pm.
Note: Kansas State Parks do not appear to have a disabled discount for out-of-state residents. Vehicle permits seem to be a form of entrance fee. There does not appear to be any form of camping discount for the disabled.

Kentucky (Source: n/a)

Kentucky State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Louisiana (Source:
  • Visitors who hold a Golden Age or Golden Access Passport are entitled to a 50% reduction on camping fees at Louisiana State Parks. (Passport holders are allowed one site per passport).
Note: I wish more states would make it easy like Louisiana!

Maine (Source: n/a)

Maine State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Maryland (Source:
    Access Maryland Pass -- Entitles free lifetime entry to State Parks for individuals with disabilities. This pass does not waive the additional boat launch service charge except where the launch charge is included in the day use service charge.

    The Access Maryland State Park Pass is a free lifetime entrance pass to those State operated parks with entrance service charges. It is issued to persons who have a permanent physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Having reserved parking tags or a "handicapped" placard from the Motor Vehicle Administration does not constitute disability status for the purpose of this pass. Confirmation from a physician or appropriate health care provider is still required. The Access Maryland State Park Pass admits the card holder and one other person only.
Note: Application must be filled out by a physician or appropriate health care provider. Social Security award letters appear to not be accepted.

Massachusetts (Source:
  • Parking fees are waived for vehicles bearing the following types of license plates from any state: HP plate, placard or disabled veterans’ license plate. This waiver does not apply to camping fees and is subject to available parking.
Note: Massachusetts has no disabled discounts for camping at all.

Michigan (Source: n/a)

Michigan State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Minnesota (Source:
  • Vehicle permit for vehicles bearing Handicapped MN license plates - $12 (reg. $25) - Good for 1 year.
    More info:

  • Half-priced camping is available Sunday-Thursday for Minnesota residents with disabilities. This reduced rate applies to standard and rustic campsites only.
Note: Minnesota State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for out-of-state residents.

Mississippi (Source:

Mississippi State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Missouri (Source:
  • Campers claiming a senior citizen or disability discount should be prepared to provide an applicable form of identification to receive that discount. Acceptable forms of identification include, but are not limited to: state-issued disabled hang tag; disabled vehicle license plate; federal Golden Access Passport or America the Beautiful - National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass - Access Pass; formal letter from the Social Security Administration or Veteran's Administration
Note: Discount ranges from $1 to $4 off, depending on what type of campsite you get.

Montana (Source:
  • State law (Section 23-1-105(2), MCA) provides that an overnight camping fee will be discounted 50% for a campsite rented by a Montana resident who is a:
    1. Senior citizen 62 years of age or older. Photo identification (e.g. Montana Driver's License) or a birth certificate must be displayed as proof of age.
    2. Disabled Person - who has been medically determined to be blind or permanently disabled. Verification of disability can be either a disability form obtained from FWP and signed by a physician, or a Resident Disability Conservation License. Either of these items must be presented as proof of disability.
    3. For Disabled Seniors, the Senior/Disabled discount cannot exceed 50% of the overnight camping fee at an individual site, even if the Senior holds a State Park Passport.
Note: Montana State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for out-of-state residents.

Nebraska (Source:
  • Are Senior Permits Available? No, there is no provision in the law to allow issuance of free or discounted permits to the elderly or disabled.
Nebraska State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Nevada (Source:
  • Disability Discount. $1.00 off the entrance fee for a person who hold a disability placard and presents it upon entrance to a park.
Note: Nevada seems to only discount those with handicapped license plates or placards.

New Hampshire (Source:
  • NH veterans with any VA service-connected disability rating shall not be charged a fee for day-use admission to NH state parks. Disabled veteran license plates issued by the state of NH, or a letter issued by the VA certifying the veteran suffers from a service-connected disability shall be considered proof of entitlement. Any fees for the use of enterprise activities (including ski lifts, food service, campgrounds, etc.) shall be charged. (See RSA 216-A:3-g, IV).
Note: In other words, free day-use only (not camping or other services) for veterans who became disabled durring their service duty. No other disabled discounts for non-veterans or out-of-state veterans.

New Jersey (Source:
  • Disability Pass, available free of charge to New Jersey residents with a disability, provides free entrance to state park, forest, recreation area and historic site facilities that charge daily walk-in or parking fees, as well as a $2 per day discount on campsite fees (excluding group campsites). Many areas and facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you require special accommodations, it is recommended that you contact the area office prior to your visit. Supporting documentation is required to verify your residence and disability. The Disability Pass is valid for the term of your disability, or for a maximum of five years and can be renewed.
Note: New Jersey State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for out-of-state residents.

New Mexico (Source:
  • Thanks to House Bill 210, effective July 1st 2007, all New Mexico veterans with a 50 percent or higher disability are eligible to receive free year-round access to state parks, museums and historic monuments.
  • Veterans will be required to demonstrate proof of disability to the New Mexico Department of Veterans Services, who will then provide qualifying disabled veterans with certification of disability that will supplement documentation from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. To apply for eligibility, visit one of 17 Veterans Services offices throughout the state; visit or call 1-866-433-8387. Once the application is processed and verified, three free camping passes be sent from State Parks to veterans
Note: New Mexico State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for out-of-state veterans or residents.

New York (Source:
  • An access pass for disabled citizens is available from OPRHP. Applications for this pass are not available online. To obtain an application or for additional information, call (518) 474-2324 or write to: Access Pass, NYS OPRHP, Empire State Plaza, Agency Building 1, Albany, NY 12238.

  • Disabled veterans can obtain free access passes from OPRHP. Applications for this pass are not available online. To obtain an application or for additional information, call (518) 474-2324 or write to: Access Pass, NYS OPRHP, Empire State Plaza, Agency Building 1, Albany, NY 12238.
Note: New York State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for out-of-state veterans or residents.

North Carolina (Source:

North Carolina State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

North Dakota (Source:
  • For entrance fees only, not camping: Disabled Veterans/POWs—North Dakota veterans with a 100 percent, service-related disability and former POWs are eligible for a free annual permit. All other North Dakota veterans with service related disabilities are eligible to receive an annual permit for $20. This program is available to North Dakota residents only, with VA proof of disability or status, or a North Dakota DAV/POW license plate.
Note: North Dakota State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for out-of-state veterans or residents.

Ohio (Source: Note: Ohio State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for out-of-state residents or veterans.

Oklahoma (Source:
  • Oklahoma State Parks offers a totally disabled discount of 50% off the base camping rate per night. The full utility rate is charged per night per site. Appropriate forms of verification of your eligibility are:
    • A Medicare or Medicaid card showing that you began receiving benefits prior to age 62 (of course, we will request an ID verifying your current age).
    • A certificate issued by the Oklahoma Tax Commission showing that you are exempt from sales tax based on disabled veterans status.
    • An ID issued by the Veterans Administration indicating total disability.
    • A fishing/hunting license for the disabled issued by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conversation.
    • A letter from your physician verifying your total disability.
  • Our State Parks do not honor the Golden Age Passport. That card is good at federal facilities, not at Oklahoma State Parks.
Note: (none)

Oregon (Source:
  • The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to offer free camping and day-use to veterans with a service-connected disability and active military on leave.
  • See "source" link above for detailed information.
Note: Oregon State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for non-veterans.

Pennsylvania (Source:
  • Senior citizens and people with disabilities can get a reduced campsite price.
  • Discounted rate for seniors & disabled are $3.00 per night / $18.00 per week
  • Little Buffalo State Park has higher camping prices. (...and appears to lack any disabled discounts)
Note: [none]

Rhode Island (Source:
    Rhode Island State Law 32-1-17: No fee shall be charged to any person with a disability regardless of age, or to automobiles transporting a non-driver with a disability at any recreational facility owned by the state, provided, however, proper identification is presented as prescribed by the Department of Environmental Management. For the purpose of this section "person with a disability shall mean an individual who has a physical or mental impairment and is receiving: [A] Social Security disability (SSDI), [B] Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI) or Veterans benefits and who shall be determined under applicable federal law by the Federal Department of Veteran's Affairs to be 100% disabled through a service connected injury.

    For this section "fees" shall include all fees for parking, admittance, or other user-fees for playing golf.

    The term "fees" shall not include licensing fees; camping fees, picnic table fees or specialized facility use fees, including, but not limited to fees for the use of equesrian areas, performing art centers, game fields and mule shed.

    Disability passes are issued only at the Johnston office located at 2321 HARTFORD AVE , JOHNSTON , RI , 02919. The office hours are: 8:30am – 4:00pm Monday- Friday, closed on holidays. Starting February 1st, of each year, the Division of Parks and Recreation will begin issuing Annual Disability, and Lifetime Disability ID's.You must present a valid form of photo identification or a birth certificate for childern. We encourage everyone to call the Johnston office before your visit. The telephone number is 401-222-2632.
Note: No discounts on camping, only free entrance and parking at parks (and something to do with golf) that the park normally charges for. See "source" link above for more information.

South Carolina (Source:

5. What is your discount policy for Senior Citizens, Blind & Disabled citizens? South Carolina residents who are at least 65 years of age, legally blind or disabled, qualify for certain rate reductions. Proof of age or disability is required.
  • These qualifying residents receive 35% off admission fees, camping, picnic shelters, golf greens fees, and fishing pier admission.
  • Also these qualifying residents may purchase a Palmetto Passport for $25.00 (50% off) for admission to all state parks for the period of one year.
  • There are NO rate reductions for lodging, building or meeting facility rentals, leased facilities, resale items or equipment rentals.
6. Do out-of-state Senior Citizens, Blind or Disabled citizens receive any discounts?
  • The same rate reductions as listed in question #3 above are extended to out-of-state U.S. residents only at the following parks: Baker Creek, Calhoun Falls, Hamilton Branch, Hickory Knob, Lake Hartwell, and Sadlers Creek.
Note: (none)

South Dakota (Source:
    Eligibility: You must be a resident of South Dakota. Along with this completed application form, you must submit a copy of the "K" award or a letter from the Veterans Administration indicating you receive a veteran’s allotment for total disability which is deemed a service connected injury or that you were held as a prisoner of war, which will meet eligibility as established in state law SDCL 41-17-13.4.

    If you do not have these papers in your possession you may contact the Veterans Administration in Sioux Falls and have them sent to you, or you may request in writing that the Veterans Administration mail a copy of these papers to Game, Fish and Parks

    Submission: Application and verification papers must be submitted to:

    Game, Fish and Parks
    412 West Missouri
    Pierre, South Dakota 57501

    Upon completion of this form and with the attached proof of eligibility, South Dakota residents are entitled to receive a free South Dakota annual park entrance license. Eligible applicants will also receive a billfold-size card that can be presented at state parks and recreation areas to receive a 50 percent discount on daily camping fees.

    Download/Print Application:
Note: South Dakota State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for non-veterans nor out-of-state veterans.

Tennessee (Source:
    What discounts are available at Tennessee State Parks?

    CAMPING - Tennessee Seniors (62+) get approximately 25% off on all standard camping fees and approximately 10% off self-registration fees on a year round basis. Out-of-state Seniors will receive a discount in accordance with the published rate schedule. Their discounts range from 9 to 11 percent. Disabled visitors, residents and non-residents of Tennessee, who are disabled may obtain an approximate 50% discount on camping fees charged at all parks upon showing satisfactory proof of such disability.
Note: You may wish verify what is considered "satisfactory proof of such disability" for the park you wish to visit.

Texas (Source:
    A Texas Parklands Passport may be issued to individuals who meet eligibility requirements as outlined in Title 31 Texas Administrative Code.

    • Persons 65 years of age and over and Texas residents are entitled to 50% reduced entry rounded to the next whole dollar. (Residents and nonresidents turning 65 years of age before September 1, 1995 are entitled to waived entry fees at state parks where entrance fees are collected.)
    • Veterans of the US Armed Services holding a 60% or more service connected disability (as determined by the US Veterans Administration). US
    • Veterans meeting these eligibility criteria will receive waived entry fees to state parks where entrance fees are collected.
    • Individuals who have been medically determined to be permanently disabled as a result of a mental or physical impairment (including blindness) for purposes of receiving benefits under the Social Security Act and who are currently receiving those benefits. These individuals will be entitled to 50% reduced entry rounded to the next whole dollar.

    In order to receive a Texas Parklands Passport you must apply, with proof of eligibility, at any Texas State Park site.
Note: Your can obtain your Texas State Parklands Passport at any Texas State Park, any Texas Parks & Wildlife regional law enforcement office or by calling toll-free 1-800-895-4248 (option: License Sales).

Utah (Source:
    Utah State Parks offers a free pass, called the Special Fun Tag, to a Utah resident who is legally blind, or who is permanently unable to walk so as to be confined to a wheelchair, braces, cane, crutches, or a prosthetic device due to loss of either or both lower extremities, or who is a disabled veteran. Download the Special Fun Tag application and mail or fax completed affidavits to the address at the top of the form.
Note: Utah State Parks do not appear to have a disabled discount for mentally disabled in-state residents nor any discounts for out-of-state residents.

Vermont (Source:

Vermont State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Virginia (Source:
    Disability pass - No charge - Good for free vehicle parking. Free admission for pass holder and anyone needed to assist the pass holder only at parks and facilities with per person admission. This pass is not required for those with a handicapped license plate or decal. To obtain this pass, you must include a Social Security disability benefit verification letter with the application

  • Application:

    Handicapped Launch Passport - $40 - Boat launching pass at any state park (requires handicapped decal or State Park Disability Pass).

  • All passes, except the lifetime senior pass, are good for one year from date of purchase.
Note: Only good for free admission (entrance) and parking, not camping or other services.

Washington (Source:
    Disability Pass - No Charge - Good for 50 percent discount on nightly camping/moorage. Free watercraft launching and trailer dump. Valid all year round. Available for one-year (short-term disability) or five-year (permanent disability) periods. Offered to Washington state residents who are legally blind, profoundly deaf, developmentally disabled or who meet the disability definition used by the U.S. Social Security Administration.

    Disabled Veteran Lifetime Pass - No Charge - Free camping/moorage, campsite reservations through State Parks central reservations system, watercraft launching, trailer dump. Valid year-round. Offered to Washington state residents with a documented service-connected disability of at least 30 percent.

    Note: A Permanent Disability Parking Permit, issued by the Washington State Department of Licensing, also entitles you to the 50 percent disability discount. Simply show your placard or license plate directly to the park ranger.

    Acceptable Proof of Eligibility

    • Proof of Disability: Certification of your condition in writing on official letterhead stationery OR have the parks pass application signed by the agency, company or doctor who declared the disability. Documentation must also certify that you are receiving disability payments (except for legally blind and profoundly deaf applicants).
    • Proof of Disabled Veteran Status: A disability award letter, certification from the Department of Veterans Affairs or military service; a separation certificate or similar document on official letterhead stationery from the certifying agency, or have the pass application signed by the Department of Veterans Affairs or military service.
Note: Unsure if Social Security award letters are valid proof. Call a State Park office to verify. There does not appear to be any disabled discounts for out-of-state patrons.

West Virginia (Source:
    Discounts for WV residents who are totally and permanently disabled WV Code §5B-1-17c.

    WV residents who are totally and permanently disabled can receive a discount of 50% off on campground fees for each campsite to be used exclusively by the eligible camper. Print and complete the application here and take it to a physician who is licensed in the State of WV to certify the application, and then mail it back to the address at the top of the application.

    • available day after Labor Day to four days prior to Memorial Day
    • discount card must be obtained in advance of camping reservation.
    • cards will be mailed to applicant from the WV State Parks central office, Charleston, WV, after submission of completed application signed by a licensed WV physician.
Note: West Virginia State Parks do not appear to have any disabled discounts for out-of-state patrons.

Wisconsin (Source: n/a)

Wisconsin State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for disabled patrons.

Wyoming (Source:
  • 50% discount to disabled veterans living in WY.
  • See "source" link above for more information.
Note: Wyoming State Parks do not appear to have any discounts for out-of-state veteran or non-veteran disabled patrons.